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Introducing G2touch, a company of innovation for the future.

Representative Greetings

Under the slogan of “company trusted by customers, employees you want to work with,” G2touch pursues a company that grows together with its employees, be happy together, and share warmth with the society.

G2touch is a system semiconductor company that provides an optimized integrated touch solution based on its original patent. BOE in China, the world’s largest LCD panel producer, has adopted G2touch’s LCD Oncell touch solution for mass-production, and is developing system semiconductors in various fields including touch solutions for smartphones and vehicles. In addition, G2touch is moving toward its goal to become a platform company utilizing sensor and bio information. In the rapidly changing IT market, G2touch aims to become the world’s No. 1 interactive solution provider with the goal of becoming No. 1 touch solution provider within 3 years, becoming top 5 sensor solution provider within 6 years and entering the platform business through bio information. G2touch promises to become a company that fulfills its responsibilities in a society where all employees, customers and shareholders are happy.

CEO Pyo Joo-Chan